PRESS RELEASE: PASPi Unveils First Cohort of 2022/23 Research Affiliates

Today, the Pan-African School of Policy Innovation (PASPi) announced the first cohort of its 2022/23 Research Affiliates.

PASPi research affiliates work on a wide range of interesting projects, with a focus on policy innovation in Africa. From established scholars and early-career researchers to budding scientists and students, PASPi research affiliates collaborate on a wide range of interesting policy research projects.

“We are confident that the inaugural 2022/23 research affiliates will make impactful contributions to the many research projects targeted at policy innovation under our eight areas of focus, while also honing their policy research skills,” says PASPi Director-General, Dr. Fred Olayele.

The 2022/23 PASPi research affiliates are:

Tomilayo Ibrahim: Tomilayo Ibrahim is a PhD Candidate in Economics at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, where her research focuses on the distributional impacts of FDI on socioeconomic development at the municipal level.

Haya Farid: Haya Farid graduated from Stony Brook University, New York, with a double major in Political Science and Psychology. She is passionate about global development and is currently a graduate LLB student at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

Tokini Briggs: Tokini Briggs holds a Master of Applied Science in Electronics Systems Engineering and is currently pursuing an MBA with specialization in Strategy and Consulting at the University of Alberta, Canada, with a keen interest in policy innovation.

About PASPi

PASPi is a graduate, professional school fostering an entrepreneurial environment in the public policy development process. We harness opportunities in the policy-market nexus to innovate and transform public policy in Africa.

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