About PASPi


  • The Pan-African School of Policy Innovation (PASPi) is a non-profit graduate, professional school fostering an entrepreneurial environment in the public policy development process. We harness opportunities in the policy-market nexus to innovate and transform public policy in Africa.
  • PASPi brings a multi-stakeholder approach to public policy innovation by harnessing the perspectives of key actors across academia, industry, government, and civil society.
  • We are pioneering novel solutions by taking full advantage of technology and emerging opportunities to reimagine and redefine policy innovation on the continent.

Our Mission

  • Policy education in Africa needs retooling to serve the needs of the digital economy. That is why we created PASPi – to harness opportunities in the policy-market nexus for policy innovation.

  • Many contemporary policy challenges cannot be solved through traditional, linear channels. We are working with key actors in the policy cycle to devise sustainable solutions through public-private policy partnerships.

  • PASPi’s programs and initiatives are curated to support policymakers, public affairs and public policy executives in the private and civic sectors, and other stakeholders across Africa.