Certified Policy Innovation Professional (CPiP) Program

From bureaucrats in the core civil service and public affairs executives in the private sector to public policy analysts and a wide range of professionals with policy-centric roles in the public, private, and civic sectors, the Certified Policy Innovation Professional (CPiP) designation equips candidates with the competencies required to advance policy innovation – based on a multi-stakeholder governance model.

As the ongoing wave of digital transformation intensifies, new methods and innovative paradigms in the public policy domain are emerging. The CPiP program is dedicated to strengthening policy capacity by bridging existing practical knowledge gaps through innovative and creative approaches.

With a diverse range of highly qualified policy and development scholars, seasoned practitioners, and distinguished senior executives with significant experience in the public, private, and civic sectors, the program integrates contemporary knowledge on the role of public-private policy partnerships in the policy innovation discourse with a pan-African perspective.