PRESS RELEASE: PASPi DG Releases New Book on African Policy Innovation

The Director-General of the Pan-African School of Policy Innovation, Dr. Fred Olayele, has released his new book: African Policy Innovation and the Political Economy of Public-Private Policy Partnerships.

Published by IGI Global, the book argues that a core political economy issue in the growth literature is how to structure the relationship between the public and private sectors to ensure optimal outcomes. While conventional arguments on the ability of the private sector to intrinsically generate efficiency gains remain valid, governments’ traditional role of providing an enabling environment to foster private risk taking for capital accumulation is no less important.

Professor Olayele borrows from contemporary theories of policy change and raises some fundamental questions about the political economy of development in Africa. Covering topics such as policy diffusion, demographic shifts, inequality, rentier capitalism, industrial transformation, development finance innovations, venture capital ecosystems, tax policy and supply-side economics, ocean finance, the global minimum tax debate, and higher education under disruptive technologies, the book sheds light on current knowledge and research about the role of public-private policy partnerships in the policy innovation discourse.

From local communities and NGOs to African governments and international development agencies, the author advances a multi-stakeholder development policy and programming framework which recognizes Africa’s vastly heterogenous economies and societies.

The link to the book is available on the publisher’s website here.