Dr. Joseph Potvin
Dr. Joseph Potvin

Dr. Joseph Potvin is co-founding Executive Director of the not-for-profit Xalgorithms Foundation where he leads design research of the "Data With Direction Specification (DWDS)" and its free/libre reference implementation software (RuleMaker Web app, RuleReserve Network Service, RuleTaker Component) for anyone to author, publish, discover, fetch, scrutinize, prioritize and, optionally, to automate normative data relating what ‘is’ with what ‘ought’ to be. Based on a decade of research, culminating in his 2022 doctoral dissertation at University of Quebec, this 'rules-as-data' network is nicknamed: an 'Internet of Rules'.

In the previous decade from 2002-2012, Dr. Potvin was employed full-time as an informatics economist in the Canadian Government, six of those years at Treasury Board Secretariat, where he led the formalization of free/libre/open software licensing and methods across all of government. He initiated and led business design of the "High Resilience Environment" which is still depended upon by several mission-critical national services (search & rescue, emergency response coordination, acquisitions, health and immigration services).

For two years on staff of the International Development Research Centre he designed an end-to-end proposal management workflow solution that was then relied upon for a decade by the Global Development Network, the world's largest international research grants initiative.

In the decade from 1992 to 2002 he worked as an economics consultant for both strategic and operational projects in more than two dozen countries on five continents. In the previous decade 1982 to 1992, Joseph completed an Honors BA in economics at McGill, an M.Phil in geographical economics at Cambridge, served as a staff economist with Environment Canada on the core drafting team to Canada's Green Plan, and as a consulting economist to the World Bank and the Global Environment Facility, and he also served two ministerial advisory councils of the Canadian Government. He has collaborated in management education efforts with the President of the Free Software Foundation and with the General Manager of the Open Source Initiative.